Pegasus Immigration

Pegasus Immigration Services LLP. is an immigration service provider since last 14 years in Mumbai, India and have franchises and lawyers to cater immigration service all over India.

We, at Pegasus Immigration Services LLP., provide our clients end to end Indian Immigration services. We provide services for procuring various kinds of Indian visas and services related to immigration compliance as per Foreigners Registration Act of India post arrival in India.

As per India visa rules, India employment visas are issued only for one year by the Indian Mission/Embassy/Consulate outside India. There are several criteria defined by Ministry of Home Affairs for issuance of India employment visa. A person and/or Indian company who wish to invite foreigners to work in their Indian company must pay salary not less than USD 25,000 p.a. to a foreigner and also deduct TDS from their salary. A foreigner must not be invited for general category of employment in India. Foreigner must be employed for highly skilled/managerial/top post in Indian company. Indian company must justify that foreigner possess extra ordinary ability/skills which are not available in India.

Foreigner who wishes to apply India employment can submit his/her India visa application either in his/her country of citizenship and/or country of domicile where applicant is residing/domiciled for more than two years. If applicant is not domiciled in the country from where he/she wishes to submit the application his/her visa application will not be accepted or rejected.

Please also be informed that India has a list of restricted nations for issuance of India visa. Applications by the citizens of restricted nations are referred to Ministry of Home Affairs, IB and RAW for security clearance before visa is issued to them.

As per Foreigner Registration Act all the foreigners who arrive in India on long term visa needs to register themselves within 14 days of their arrival in India with the Foreigner Registration office, an institution established by Ministry of Home Affairs for the regulation of Foreigners in India. Post their registration with the FRRO, foreigners are allowed to work in India. After completion of period of visa, every foreigner has to apply for extension of visa to their respective FRRO for the extension of their visa. Indian employment visa can be extended only for five years. After the fifth extension if foreigner wish to extend his/her stay in India needs to go to his/her home country and apply for new Indian employment visa. Family of the Indian employment visa are eligible for dependent visa and they are also required to register themselves with FRRO. (Children below the age of 16 years are not required to register themselves with the FRRO).

We at Pegasus Immigration Services LLP provide our client very sophisticated and personalized services to our client (Pan India). We provide end to end services to our clients, starting from applying of their visas and registering them with the FRRO post their arrival.

• We fill online application form, draft and provide various letters required for applying India employment and dependent visa.
• We fill online application form, draft, provide and collect letters and other documents required for FRRO registration and visa extension.
• We ensure that our client gets personalized services without any trouble at the FRRO office.
• We personally remain present with the foreigners at the FRRO for their various immigration compliance processes and provide them up to date services.
  • Visa
  • OCI Card
  • Foreigner Regional Registration Offices
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Indian Citizenship
  • Legalisation & Attestation of Documents