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A Student Visa is a multiple entry visa issued to students who wish to undertake studies in recognized educational institutions in India. The duration of the same will be as per the duration of the course to be pursued and requirements of the Student Visa.

Spouse and dependent family members accompanying the applicant must apply for an Entry visa (NOT Tourist visa), co-terminus with the period of the principal visa holder. Please note that the Student Visa is valid from the day it is issued and allows for multiple entries.

A provisional visa may be required instead of a student visa in cases where the applicant does not have a firm letter of admission from the university, recognized college or educational institution. The reason for not having a firm letter can include pending admission tests or other requirements.

In such cases, the provisional student visa may be issued on the basis of the provisional admission certificate / letter of offer issued by the institution in India. A provisional visa is valid for 3 months and has to be extended only from the Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRRO). If admission is not given or confirmed within the stipulated period, the student will have to leave India. No extension of a provisional student visa is allowed.

a. The Embassy / Consulates reserve the right to seek additional documentation at their discretion.

b. Applicants must carefully review the time period of visa that they seek and must note and understand that Visa is not a matter of right and hence the Embassy / Consulates could deny the visa if not found eligible / or does not have adequate supporting documentation or grant a visa for a period lesser than what has been requested in the application and what the applicant has paid for. There shall be no clarifications or enquiries in this regard and the decision of the Consulate will be final and binding.
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